Veteran assistant coach Rex Kalamian has been at the center of many iconic moments during his 28-years in the NBA. From coaching the 2012 All-Star Game when Kobe Bryant and Lebron James staged a legendary duel, to helping lead Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden to their first-ever Finals, Kalamian has left his mark on the basketball world. A fast-paced short documentary, “Coach Rex” tells a dynamic story of resilience and perseverance that culminates in an unlikely gold medal victory for the underdog national team of Armenia – the country where Kalamian traces his roots back to.

The Filmmakers

Hrag Yedalian

Director, Editor & Producer

Hrag is a Los Angeles-based director whose work has been featured in Rolling Stone, The Hollywood Reporter, and San Francisco Chronicle. He is the winner of the Bay Area Video Coalition Mediamaker Award and previously worked at Steven Spielberg’s organization, the USC Shoah Foundation. He is currently working on the feature length documentary “Advantage Player,” which showcases brilliant gamblers who beat the house repeatedly.

Garen Mirzaian

Director of Photography

Garen is a Webby Award-winning cinematographer whose clients include Nike, LAFC and Metro LA. His previous work includes “Diana Ross, Her Life, Love and Legacy,” “Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction,” and the Live Nation production "Truth to Power” about System of a Down front man Serj Tankian.

Raffi Semerdjian

Motion Graphics & Sound Design

Raffi is a Reed Award-winning content producer who specializes in motion graphics, graphic design, and web development. Raffi has spent his career working as a brand and product designer, web developer, and creative teams’ manager for businesses, non-profits, and political campaigns.

Executive Producers

Ara Soudjian

Stepan Partamian

Mary Karaoghlanian

Armen Karaoghlanian

Online Editor and Colorist

Shahriar Rahman